Hi, I’m Cora. 

BA Psych, E-RYT 500 & Serial Entrepreneur

And I help yoga teacher create joyful & sustainable businesses. 

Why? Because if you can make a living by doing what you love, you can keep doing it. And it's never been more clear to me that the world needs more yoga.

When I was first starting out as a yoga teacher, way back in 2009, I did what any passionate newly self employed human would do. I busted my butt, teaching 15 - 20 group classes a week just to make ends meet. I was exhausted, burnt out, and broke.

How could this thing I looooved so much (Teaching Yoga) leave me so drained & stressed that I barely had time for my own practice, let alone the funds to save for my future?!

I decided I had to make a choice.

Was I going to stop teaching yoga - and go back to school to get my masters in psychology? Or, was I going to put my big-girl pants on, and learn how to pivot the group-class-hustle into a successful & sustainable yoga business for myself and my (future) family?

I had to make a choice.



But I mean… it’s pretty obvious which one I chose right?

In 2013, I set out to learn every single thing I could about what it really takes to run a business, but not just any business - I needed to make sure that if I were going to play the business game, it had to be on my terms. I wasn’t going to compromise my values, ethics or sell my soul in order to be financially stable.

Since then I’ve led successful yoga teacher trainings year after year, bought and ran two boutique yoga studios with some fellow teachers, and hosted retreats & workshops that left my heart feeling full to the brim, and helped my bank account reach 6 figures. Not an easy feat as a yoga teacher.


However, even though I had found financial success as a yoga teacher, the business(es) I created weren’t truly sustainable for me.


In 2018 I launched my first podcast, which was featured by Australian Yoga journal, and something clicked. My introverted, dual citizen (I’m Canadian, but moved to Australia in 2011) self realised; if my whole business was online, I could go home to see my family without losing traction at the studios or in my in person trainings.

So I took what I knew from running several successful in person, bricks & mortar businesses, and I began to pivot my work to the online world. In late 2019 I left the yoga studios, started a new podcast, and in 2020 launched The Teachers Club - a 100% online support group for yoga teachers, and The Lost-to-Launch Framework, that teaches new business owners how to successfully launch their new or next offering into the world. In 2021 The Lost-to-Launch Framework, is expanding to serve not only to yoga teachers, but other conscious creatives & wellness entrepreneurs!

So now, I work from home (hello introverts dream), spend way more time in my personal zone of genius (content creation) and have a stable, growing and most importantly, scalable income. And I get to be of service everyday to the people who I love to work with the most - yoga teachers, talented creators & gifted healers.



So if you want to learn how to create a business that is successful on your terms, stable and sustainable for you - I’m your been there-done that-gal.


Still wanna know more?

Check out one of these interviews I’ve done



And here are a few of my career highlights in a list (if you’re into that sort of thing)

Cora Geroux, BA PYSCH, E-RYT 500, 200HR RYS

  • Founder of The Teachers Club & the Lost-to-Launch Framework - 2020 - Present
  • Creator & Host of the Teaching Yoga Podcast - 2019 - Present
  • Founder / Owner of Registered Yoga School (RYS) / Lead Trainer of 200HR Hatha YTT, 50 HR Yin YTT & 20 HR Yoga Nidra YTT 2014 - present
  • Industry Trend Consultant for Lululemon Experiential Stores 2019 - 2020
  • Full Time Yoga Teacher 2009 - 2019
  • Co-owner of two yoga studios in Sydney, Australia 2016 - 2019
  • Creator & Host of Interview With A Yoga Podcast 2018-2019 (featured in Australian Yoga Journal)
  • Qualified as a life coach through Beautiful You Coaching Academy - 2014
  • 500 HR YTT Moksha Yoga - 2009
  • BA Psych Simon Fraser University - 2009



And for all my yoga nerds out there who want to know more about my yoga teaching / training:

For just over a decade I taught two main styles;

1) Functional hatha which combined my studies with Cecily Milne from Yoga Detour with short courses in MovNat & my own weight training experience.

2) Mindful yin which I studied with Bernie Clark & Sarah Powers, combined with my personal experience in vipassana meditation, yoga nidra, restorative yoga & trauma informed methods.

I also themed my classes based on the astrological weather & made some pretty rad playlists, which you can totally steal if you want to.